Youth Conference for the National Day of Remembrance and Action against Mass Atrocities

April 23rd was the National Day of Remembrance and Action against Mass Atrocities. The GPG collaborated with Norman King and students from Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School on a Youth Conference for Secondary schools in the Ottawa region.

Summary of Youth Conference:

Dr. James Orbinski, former president of the MSF International Council and professor at the University of Toronto, was the keynote speaker at the event and spoke of the importance of remembrance.

Paul Dewar, Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Centre, took part in the panel discussion and spoke of human rights and politics in Canada and abroad, examining what individuals can do to initiate change.

Sasha Hart, legal counsel at the Equality Effect, was also part of the panel. She spoke about human rights and law, and illustrated her presentation by discussing a project called 160 Girls, aimed at providing justice for young girls who have been raped in Kenya.

Kyle Matthews, Senior Deputy Director of the Will to Intervene Project at MIGS, was the last member of the panel. He spoke about social media in relation to human rights, looking at the positive role of social media in preventing mass atrocities but also its negative aspects that make social media a tool for recruitment and radicalization.