Election Rules


1.0 Introduction

a)  These rules shall apply to the election process for the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Prevention of Genocide and Other Crimes Against Humanity (the Group).

b)      The Elections will normally be held once a year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In the event of a dissolution of Parliament, the Executive Committee in office at that time shall carry on the affairs of the Group until a new Executive Committee is elected as soon as practicable after a general election.

c)The Group’s executive will consist of Vice-Chairs representing each political party in the House of Commons, and a Chair selected from among the Vice-Chairs of the Group. Once the Chair of the Group is chosen, a new Vice-Chair with the same party affiliation as the Chair’s will be elected to fill the vacated position.

2.0 Nominations Committee at the AGM

a)   At the end of the Executive’s term, the Group’s Chair, Vice-Chairs and two (2) members of the outgoing Executive shall form a Nominations Committee;

b)   The Nominations Committee shall invite Group members to stand for the Executive Committee and shall submit a list of candidates to the General Assembly which will elect members of the Executive Committee. If the number of candidates is not sufficient to fill all positions, the General Assembly shall fill these positions from among its members. If an election is necessary, votes shall be conducted through secret ballots.

c)   In the event that the Vice Chairs from the previous year are all intending to continue as representatives for their political parties, and no member steps forth to present his or her self as a candidate for a position on the Executive, then the Nominations Committee may be waived. Each candidature must be ratified by the members at the AGM.

3.0 Eligible Voter

a)      Members registered for the previous or upcoming year will be eligible to vote.

b)      Each eligible voter may vote for a Vice-Chair to represent each political party and the Chair.

4.0 Candidate for Executive

a)   A candidate is any parliamentarian who would like to become a member of the executive.

b)   Candidates for the Executive must be current parliamentarians and current members of the Group in good standing.

5.0 Voting Procedures

a)      The secretariat of the Group will be responsible for the administration of the election process and act as an elections officer

b)      If an election is necessary, votes shall be conducted through secret ballots.

c)      A table shall be set up with a ballot box to hold votes for the candidates.

d)      Each eligible voter will be given a ballot to mark his or her preferred candidate for the positions

e)      The elections officer shall end the polling once eligible voters have placed their ballot in the ballot box

f)       The stock of unused ballots shall be kept secure at all times

g)      The ballots will be counted by the elections officer who will tally in writing the totals for each candidate.

h)      Upon completing the vote count, the elections officer shall report the results back to the AGM and make the results public.

6.0       Special Circumstances

6.1 Tie

a)   In the event of a tie vote, there shall be a run-off election between the two candidates of the tie in the normal election

b)   Each candidate involved in the run-off election may make a speech of no more than five (5) minutes.

c)   After the speeches, the members present will vote by secret ballot again.

d)   In the event of a tie in the run-off election, the five (5) members of the outgoing executive only will vote for either candidate involved in the tie.

6.2 Challenge

a)   In the event that the election process is challenged, the outgoing executive will decide how to proceed pursuant to the Group’s constitution and these election rules.