The members of 2016 Executive for the GPG are:



Chair, MP (Liberal)


Members/ Membres

Anandasangaree Gary MP Lib.
Andreychuk Raynell Sen Cons.
Ayoub Ramez MP  Lib.
Bezan James MP Cons.
Boulerice Alexandre MP NDP
Caesar-Chavannes Celina MP  Lib.
Christopherson David MP  NDP
Duncan Linda MP NDP
Dzerowicz  Julie MP  Lib.
Eggleton Art Sen  Lib.
 Ehsassi  Ali  MP  Lib.
El-Khoury Fayçal MP Lib.
Fry Hedy MP Lib.
Genuis Garnett MP Cons.
Harder Rachael MP Cons.
Housefather Anthony MP Lib.
Johns Gord MP NDP
 Kent  Peter  MP  Cons.
Laverdière Hèlène MP NDP
Levitt Michael MP Lib.
Masse Brian MP NDP
May Elizabeth MP Green
McKay John MP Lib.
 Mercer  Terry  Sen  Lib.
 Miller  Marc  MP  Lib.
 Murray  Joyce  MP  Lib.
 Oliphant  Robert  MP  Lib.
 Petitpas Taylor  Ginette  MP  Lib.
 Sahota  Ruby  MP  Lib.
 Saroya  Bob  MP  Cons.
 Stetski  Wayne  MP  NDP
 Sweet  David  MP  Cons.
 Tassi  Filomena  MP  Lib.
 Vandenbeld  Anita  MP  Lib.
 Virani  Arif  MP  Lib.
 Wrzesnewskyj  Borys  MP  Lib.


Karli Zschogner
GPG Coordiantor/Coordinateur du GPG

Karli was born and raised in Parry Sound-Georgian Bay on a hobby farm where she moved to do her undergraduate degree at University of Ottawa for Conflict Studies and Human Rights, minoring in Psychology. During her time at UOttawa she participated in the 3rd Annual Professional Training Program on the Prevention of Mass Atrocities hosted by Montreal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies (MIGS) and the Human Rights Research and Education Centre (HRREC). After she graduated she worked alongside forensic anthropologists in Guatemala with a local human rights organization that uncovers mass graves in part of the reconciliation process and prosecution cases as Sepur Zarco. Alongside working as the Group’s coordinator, she is currently an active member in various human rights NGOs in the Ottawa area, while in the application process of law school for Human Rights Law.